Managing your FX risk has never been more crucial to the success of your business in todays highly volatile market 

Your Business, Your Vision, Our Expertise

At SocFin we provide our clients with bespoke FX and treasury risk management solutions aligned with your business strategy

Free risk consultation and ongoing support

We provide all our clients with an initial comprehensive risk management consultation with a dedicated industry expert, as well as ongoing risk management reviews throughout the relationship. Our industry experts will take the time to get to know your business and discover what is important to you so as to understand your goals, assess your risk appetite and provide you with a risk management strategy that fits. Our aim is to determine the impact that FX volatility will have on your bottom line by analysing the total flow of each currency pair you are exposed to. We also provide bespoke stress testing and use advanced forecasting tools, so you can be confident when setting your future budgets and profit margins. 

Hedging Strategies 

Once you have complete clarity on the risk your business is exposed to when trading internationally, we will work with you to validate and fine tune your existing FX hedging policy or create a new policy based on your specific risk profile and business objectives.   We have a breadth of experience in managing FX risk across multiple sectors and industries ensuring that you always stay ahead. Your hedging policy will clearly outline which products best serve your needs.

Provision of relevant hedging products

As we never take proprietary positions on any of your transactions and always back to back each trade with one of our counter parties, our interests are completely aligned with those of our customers. 




Effective Simplicity 

We firmly believe that regardless of the level of complexity within a business' cash flow - simple and easy to manage hedging strategies should form the foundation of any risk management policy. 

Timing is Key

When It comes to taking action and implementing your hedging strategy, timing is the key driver. In a highly volatile FX market the difference between waiting and acting immediately can determine whether your hedging strategy mitigates your risk or becomes a burden on your cash flow. 

Market Insight


Our market insight and high quality research can help you stay one step ahead. We can guide you to ensure that you act at the most optimum time.  With increased levels of complexity in hedging products, comes significantly more risk that can be difficult to manage. With unexpected market events occurring more frequently in recent times, corporate customers can be exposed to unforeseen levels of collateral requirements from their counterparties.