Maximise your personal currency transfers and make quick, reliable and cost effective overseas payments

Tailored Currency Guidance

We only take on clients that really need us and as such we will never send out to you any generic information, but rather help manage our clients' currency exposures in the most optimum way possible. We will guide you on the timing of your trade and the best method of execution according to  your requirements and appetite for risk.

Fixed Exchange Rate for a Future Dated Transfer

Known as a Forward FX Contract, which is used by private individuals to secure today’s exchange rate for a future transaction (up to three years in advance). Commonly used for overseas property transactions to ensure the budgeted FX rate remains the same on completion of the purchase. 

Instant International Payment

This is known as a Spot Currency Contract where we will quote you a simple rate of exchange that is secured for up to two working days for when you need to make a payment instantly. You will be able to receive a rate on the platform or over the phone with the help of your own personal dealer, who will be introduced to you once your account is open.

Target a Desired Rate of Exchange

Typically known as a ‘limit order’ which can be placed by the customer who wishes to target a specific exchange rate that is not currently available. Once this exchange rate is reached, the order will immediately be filled and the transaction executed accordingly.