Maximise your personal currency transfers by making quick, reliable and cost effective overseas payments in 130 currencies

Tailored Currency Guidance

Whether making a one-time or regular overseas payments, your expert account manager can help you understand how your foreign exchange transactions are impacted by market volatility and banks fees involved in making or receiving international payments. Regardless of the amount, we can help manage your currency exposure in the most optimum way possible. We help you navigate the best method of execution based on the timing of your trade, specific requirements and appetite for risk.

Fixed Exchange Rate for a Future Dated Transfer

Customers can use products such as Forward Currency Contracts to secure the current exchange rate for a future dated transaction (or settlement date). Commonly used for overseas property transactions to ensure the budgeted FX rate remains the same until the purchase or sale of the property is completed. 

Instant International Payment

For clients looking to send or receive payments in foreign currency immediately a Spot Currency Contract is the most basic method of exchanging currencies that can be settled instantly or the rate can be secured for up to two working days. Clients are able to receive a competitive exchange rate on the platform or over the phone with the help of their personal dealer, who will be assigned once the account is open.

Target a Desired Rate of Exchange

For customers that do not have to make an international payment at a specific time they can set a Limit Order giving the client the opportunity to target a more favourable exchange rate that is not currently available. The Limit Order remains live in the market 24/7 and once the targeted exchange rate is reached, the order is filled immediately and the transaction can be settled accordingly.