FX Spot

Spot contracts are the most basic and commonly used method of exchanging currencies and are typically settled immediately or within 2 working days. We give you the ability to book spot contracts 24/7 via the online platform (depending on liquidity and pricing for a particular currency pair) or with your account manager during office hours. Once you have agreed a spot contract you will automatically receive a transaction receipt via email containing the rate of exchange, amount and date of settlement (when the funds are physically exchanged). 

FX Forward Contracts 

We provide flexible and fixed forward contracts to lock in an exchange rate for delivery or settlement on a future date. The duration of the forward contract should be aligned with your expected cash flow and overall hedging policy. Exchange rates and liquidity on forward contracts are sourced via multiple banks and non-bank liquidity providers across the market, ensuring access to competitive rates of exchange on each currency pair. Please note that although we do not provide advice on specific products, such as forward contracts, we can help you create and manage an effective hedging policy aligned with the unique characteristics and risk profile of your business. 

Market Orders

Ensure you benefit from a competitive exchange rate 24/7 through market orders. These can be placed by clients who wish to target an exchange rate within a specific period of time, that is not currently available. Once the exchange rate is reached, the order will immediately be filled and the transaction executed accordingly. Market orders can be placed for both spot and forward contracts so you can always be confident that you achieve your desired exchange rate.