Importers and Exporters are at the heart of our services

Given the current market of high inflation and volatile commodity prices, many general industrial businesses have been adversely affected and have seen negative impacts on their cash flows. At the same time banks are retrenching and exiting an increasing number of sectors making it more difficult for businesses to access credit and Tier One treasury risk management products. 

Pragmatic and Innovative

Unlike the bank, we take a far more pragmatic approach designed to support businesses and thus have a positive impact on society. We help corporate businesses understand and manage risks associated with FX (Foreign Exchange) in order to reduce the impact of adverse market movements on cash flow, income and profitability. 

Aligned Strategies 

Once we have identified the risk, we will work with you to put in place a risk management strategy tailored to the characteristics and cash flow profile of your business. A simple and clear hedging strategy that is benchmark against industry peers is often the most effective approach. Where required, (subject to our credit committee approval) we can also provide your business with forward hedging facilities that minimise the need for cash collateral in order to execute your hedging strategy.