Welcome to Society Financial...

We provide fair, inclusive and responsible global cash management solutions. Local currency accounts for individuals and businesses with domestic settlement in over 35 countries. Accounts with unique IBANs in the name of your business, institution or a private client. Receive, hold and pay out funds to more than 200 countries without the need for multiple banks or local presence. FX hedging solutions in over 130 currencies. 

If you or your business trade internationally, you are more than likely to make international payments. At Society Financial, we strive to make these payments as simple and cost effective as possible. Every time you make a currency transaction, you can rely on our experts and personal service to help you get the value for money that your business demands. 

We strive to employ the very best people and have rigorous internal training procedures to ensure every element of our service is delivered in a personal, knowledgeable and efficient manner. Our leadership team have over 50 years combined experience in financial technology, asset management and businesses across a breadth of industry sectors. With in-depth knowledge of international payments and currency management, we understand the importance of innovation in order to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

We combine revolutionary payments platform technology with dedication to customer experience and industry-leading standards in security, reliability and speed to provide our clients with the competitive rates, low fees and expert market guidance.