Hedging Products

FX Forward Contracts 

We can provide highly competitive flexible or fixed forward contracts to lock in exchange rates for up to three years forward.  By using a multi bank platform the best rate for your chosen currency will be selected from 15+ liquidity providers. all of whom compete to provide the best price for each transaction. 

FX Swaps 

Clients with a mismatching cashflow in the same currency for example company operating in GBP receives EUR from their clients at the start of the month however as a requirement also purchases euros at the end of the month therefore in order to eliminate the GBP/EUR FX volatility they can enter into a 30 day swap contract. This is classed as a MIFID product which is not suitable for all clients and is not provided by Ebury. 

Non Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)

Highly effective when looking to hedge the rate against restricted or non-convertible currencies. Unlike a deliverable forward contract, an NDF will be settled in the freely traded currency e.g. GBP, EUR, USD. This is classed as a MIFID product which is not suitable for all clients and is not provided by Ebury.

FX Spot

Spot transactions (0-2 days) are often used as part of a balanced FX risk management strategy. Often market events dictate timing of trades, where the need to act urgently is key and can be done through a simple spot contract.

Market Orders

Ensure you benefit from a competitive exchange rate 24/7 through market orders. These can be placed by clients who wish to target an exchange rate within a specific period of time, that is not currently available. Once the exchange rate is reached, the order will immediately be filled and the transaction executed accordingly. Market orders can be placed for both spot and forward contracts so you can always be confident that you achieve your desired exchange rate.